Johan Fraser Associates specialising in providing expertise in business transformation and regulatory programmes. Programmes fail to deliver for a variety of reasons, many of which are detailed below.

  • Are you finding it difficult to drive business change without impacting business as usual?
  • Are your benefits being fully realised or are they being diluted by the end of            programme?
  • Have you got the necessary resources to undertake transformational change?
  •  Are you finding stakeholder engagement time consuming and ineffective?
  • How are you dealing with employee engagement issues?

Johan Fraser Associates can help solve your problems by:

  • Successfully delivering business transformation and benefits
  • Improving employee engagement through diversity and inclusion programmes
  • Transferring knowledge to your organisation that can lead to performance improvement
  • Providing flexible resource – full time or 2-3 days per week or per month

How we do it:

  • Short initial review
  • Work closely with your management team
  •  Help with the implementation during the initial change period
  •  Optional ongoing review of programme progress and benefits realisation at agreed  stages